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Temporary or permanent personnel.

Trust is the basis of all our work. When we promise something, we will do it. We work efficiently and competitively to meet your needs.
Finding skilled and reliable workers is a growing issue in industrial production and in traditional labor market as well. Therefore, you’d better leave finding qualified employees for either temporary or permanent needs in the hands of specialized professionals. While recruiting, we focus directly on technical expertise, qualification and personality. Accero knows what is required from a good employee and we are able to offer reliable employees for any task.
Accero will find you the right welders, machinists, process and assembly line workers, maintenance employees for placement in the processing industry, to work on different projects, or for installation, insulation or cleaning work. Accero is able to rent employees to their clients or work as a subcontractor for them. We can also provide equipment, equip our employees and take responsibility for instructing their work when required.
We take good care of our employees. We deal with all aspects of the employment relationship from paying wages to providing employees with healthcare and insurance. Motivated employees who enjoy their work and who are taken care of, ensure getting a great end result. We will help to realize your construction ideas by ensuring that all concerning the processes, runs efficiently, construction sites are safe, and only reliable materials are used.




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