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Scaffolding Overview

Whether you need scaffolding for new buildings or renovation sites, you are always secure with scaffolding services from Accero. We provide advanced solutions for industrial, marine and facade scaffolding, as well as for weather protection systems or any other temporary structures.
Our skilled and qualified scaffolders and supervisors ensure a fast assembly in accordance with valid safety regulations.

Construction scaffolding

Accero provides scaffolding required by you: facade scaffolding, access towers or shoring towers according to your needs and schedule. Accero’s solutions meet the strict requirements of building projects and safety.

Industrial scaffolding

Accero is able to undertake projects of any size, for shutdowns and maintenance works where scaffolding erection and dismantling services are required.
On-site performance of scaffolding services is an essential component in achieving project objectives with regard to safety and scheduling. Accero is responsible for high quality and efficient scaffold erecting and dismantling performance in the industries.

Our team of highly qualified staff have a long-term experience in scaffolding installation in industrial and power plants, especially in solutions for welding, insulation and tank insulation purposes.

Every scaffolding project is based on a thorough mapping of the requirements of the customer and the project. The scaffolds are erected, taking into account the nature of the work performed. This approach ensures the provision of the safest and most functional scaffolding solution for each task.

Weather protection

Snow, rain or frost often have a negative impact on tight construction schedules of building or industrial projects. Stoppage in construction work means delays, stress and additional costs. Accero’s skilled scaffolding team ensures a fast assembly of all kinds of weather protection systems in accordance with safety regulations.

Scaffolding rental

Our specialist will find the best and the fastest solution for your scaffolding needs. Contact us and we will provide you a scaffolding hire quote in cooperation with our partners.




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